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mariquita   MARIQUITA PAPI: "Architecture is an accurate and magnificent game of volumes under the light".
Quoted Grand Maestro Le Corbusier.
History and art inspire my thirst for knowledge. They stimulate my imagination and make me passionate about architecture despite the fact I haven't properly studied it. I first studied humanities. Later I attended graphic school and interior design. Living in the country-side in Tuscany, Bolgheri, I was surrounded by those who sought a different way of interpreting life with its smells, colors and sounds. I let myself succumb to the love for recycling, so I started to restore by restructuring and redesigning old farm houses, often published in popular magazines like VILLE E GIARDINI, VILLE E CASALI and MARIE CLAIRE. Twelve years ago the owner of one of the well-known hotel chains in Italy asked me to work for them. I then started a new professional and personal growth phase. Rigor, discipline and teamwork spirit I learned in this company paved the way. I next worked with Angelo Galasso brand. This gave me the opportunity to express my fantasy in world realities like: NEW YORK, MOSCOW LONDON, PARIS , LOS ANGELES.
The desire of interpreting a house followed my every work; by designing hotels to look like homes and shops. The pleasure of buying is connected to the pleasure of staying at a friend's home. In a place where we seek a refuge even when luxury could make you forget that every individual has to be on "the side of the soul"; only doing that every effort, difficulty, reward will mean something
and have a place in History. I was born on January 23, 1955 in Castiglioncello on the coast of Livorno. I am from a middle-class family, but all the members of my family were genius and wild, but our land always made us stay together. The sense of belonging to this territory is very important for me. I have travelled the world since I was very young but the desire to come back home has always been strong. I married very young: I have a daughter, a husband, and a dog I adore. I live in a small house surrounded by olive trees and overlooked by a giant oak, with a climbing rose that blossoms in spring with little white roses. I met Marcello Mastroianni, Vittorio Gasman, and for a few years I took part to that history in our country where beauty was cherished; society consisted of cultural exchanges, ideas were born and everything was driven by the willingness of showing we were Italians and full of talent. I try to do my job with great seriousness, I pay my respect to places and time and I hope what I do has the impression of being a labor of love.