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mariquita   In order to do a good job you have to love what you do, whatever this may be! You must believe in what you do!
If I were a color I would be BLACK for the rigor of my temper, RED for the passion I have in what I believe, WHITE for the sensitivity needed to see beyond, and GREY for open mindedness
When I plan a house I try to think about what its owner will feel inside of what my pencil has drawn… joy, pain, the beginning of a great love or the end of a great love.
Will the owner have children, a dog, or guests? The owner will put all his life in it, a life made of the present and past. When he shows it, the home will always talk about him.
One day a girl with long blond curly hair asked me to design her little bedroom like the one of the princess, her big and clever eyes made me desperate not to disappoint her.
Hard task….
She waited eagerly!
One night accompanied by her mom she saw her new room. She took my hand and as I bent he gave me a big hug.
In the moment I understood the real meaning of what I was doing…
Setting homes, hung in balance between dream
and reality, full of atmospheres, of studied and thought components, of certainties and instincts, of value and memories: this is my craft. Going through he lines, proportions, colors, materials, this becomes an important job! To give reliability, satisfaction, joy to those who allowed you to enter the "Mise en Scene" of their homes, until reaching their private sphere, by walking on the tip of their life's corridor and trying to leave your mark through things NOT to be shown but to be Remembered.